Wunderland Sections

Ever since the year 2000 the Miniatur Wunderland has been steadily growing. Work on our first theme worlds started on December 15th, 2000 and finished on August 16th, 2001. Most currently our theme world Italy was opened on September 28th, 2016. Further theme worlds have been planned until 2028 .

From the very beginning we have kept our construction sites and our workshops open for our visitors. We wanted to make sure that you would always have the chance to watch our model builders and technicians while they were working and see how the landscapes were coming along. Since all your questions have been answered with joy and thoroughly as well, thid way of constructing is possibly not the most economic way. But we believe that you can far better understand and appreciate the amount of work and love that has gone into Miniatur Wunderland. By now we are up to 760,000 working hours and costs of 16 million euros. Until the year 2028 this will probably have amounted to 900,000 working hours and 20 million euros in costs.

Each of our worlds focuses on its own subject and they blend into each other at the borders. In this section you will find all information on the different theme worlds. If you would like to have facts and figures on the entire layout, we have prepared a detailed list here.


Section 1: Harz
Opened 08/2001, 120 m³


Section 2: Knuffingen
Opened 08/2001, 120 m³

Alps / Austria

Section 3: Alps / Austria
Opened 08/2001, 60 m³


Section 4: Hamburg
Opened 11/2002, approx. 200 m³


Section 5: America
Opened 12/2003, approx. 100 m³


Section 6: Skandinavia 
Opened 07/2005, approx. 300 m³


Section 7 Switzerland:  
Opened 11/2007

Knuffingen Airport

Section 8:  Knuffingen Airport
Opened 05/2011, approx. 150 m²


Section 9: Italy
Opened 09/2016, 190 m2

The Future

What's next? You can read all about it here.

History of the Wunderland

Frederik Braun and his then-girlfriend and today's wife were visiting the alpine city of Zurich in July 2000. Sauntering together through the alleys of Zurich's town center, they came across a railway model shop, which at once evoked childhood memories in Frederik.

During the following hours, the idea of realizing the long forgotten childhood dream became more and more mature. 

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