Real Water Basin

The 30,000 liters real water basin with its many ships and changing of tides, is definitely one of the most spectacular highlights of the Wunderland.

Skandinavien Containerhafen
Wunderland’s Scandinavian countries share the extensive harbor facilities. At this dock, general cargo and containers are handled.

Everybody would agree that trains need rail tracks, cars need streets and vessels need water. The huge basin of real water in our Scandinavia section contains a high tech water installation with numerous probes, sensors, pumps and outlets that can be only be handled by a sophisticated PLC system. Humidity, water and room temperature and the filter system have to be monitored constantly. Also, in order to prevent that people on the floor below get their feet wet in case of leakage, we took precautions so that the basin can be pumped out within minutes.

Skandinavien Insel 1
The inhabitants of this island can only reach the main land via boat or helicopter. But they appreciate the seclusion of their home.

The basin covers an area of 80 square meters, containing 25,000 liters of real water. However, there is a total of 30,000 liters circulating in the system. The simulation of the tides and the fully functional lock make Scandinavia's shipping a unique attraction. For the simulation of the rising and falling tide alone, 2,500 liters of water have to be pumped from the buffer tank on the 3rd floor to the water basin on the 4th floor in eight minutes.

Since water is a valuable resource, the grey water from the basin is used for flushing the toilets in the Wunderland.

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