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Should Venice really have been doomed to downfall, at least we keep a copy for eternity at the Wunderland.

Venice is definitely not breaking any records with its 9 m² in size, but it is outstanding with regards to other aspects. The love for detail is a well-known quality in our model building colleagues and with this Italian lagoon city they have taken it to a brand new level.

When it became clear that the workload for Venice could never be done by Italy's main opening date we declared the island a new section in itself with its own timetable. Since the travel destination is so highly recognizable we put even more precision into detail than ever before to come as close to the original as possible. It was a challenge for the Wunderland architects to depict the decay stemming from Venice's regularly recurring “Aqua Alta”. And the abundantly decorated faces of houses increased building time to about 35,000 hours.

Venice is the first and so far the only section where there are no moving cars or trains. However there will be 150 typical Venetian gondolas cruising the channels of the city. Just like in real life there won't be gigantic cruise ships blocking the view to the cultural world heritage in Wunderland Venice. Partly this is the victory of the loudly protesting crowds of the organization “No grande navi”, holding up signs and streamers to show their resentment of the ocean liners.

In addition, there is of course the famous St. Mark's Square with its surrounding ensemble of buildings, the Rialto Bridge, the Procuratie and many famous palazzi to see. Apart from the well-known tourist magnets, the winding alleys and small courtyards in particular offer plenty of space for the real Venetian life and culture of the Northern Italians. For the order in these alleys a quite well-known commissar takes care. Not only pickpockets therefore have to dig deep into their bag of tricks - our technicians have also trained themselves in this: The section is equipped with numerous push-button actions that make visitors at the edge of the layout marvel and smile.

Facts & Figures about Venice

The Doge's Palace in Venice


Our tiny masterpiece: Venice

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