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Guided Backstage Tours

Have you always wanted to understand how everything functions at our site and discover the many hidden details behind the layout? Then our guided tours are just the right thing for you!

Experience Miniatur Wunderland from a very special perspective and take a look behind the scenes.

Please note the rules for

Mit einer Führungsbuchung haben Sie bevozugten Einlass. Sie benötigen zusätzlich auch immer eine Eintrittskarte

Guided Backstage Tours

If you always wanted to see the Wunderland from a different perspective, understand how everything works and discover lots of hidden details, then a guided tour is exactly right for you.

Multiple times a day we offer guided tours behind the scenes of the Wunderland, with a maximum capacity of 6 persons per group. You can easily book a tour through this website. Multiple times a day we offer guided tours behind the scenes of the Wunderland, with a maximum capacity of 6 persons per group. You can easily book a tour through this website.

Important information

Most of our tours are in German, but we try to offer English tours on a regular basis. If however we do not offer an English tour on the day you would like to visit, please give us a call or use the contact form below and we will try to arrange a tour for you.

We only offer the following tours in English in the moment: Behind The Scenes – 60 minutes

Please note, that the guided tour is an add-on to the visit. You need always tickets for admission as well, the admission is not inculded in the price for the tour.

Note: The route for the tours behind the layout is not barrier-free. More info under "important notes".

Our Guided Backstage Tours

  • Behind the Scenes - 60 minutes

    Content Skandinavien Leo Schattenhafen

    The guided tour begins at the control stand (“Leitstand”). After a welcome by our guide, you will proceed directly to the USA section of our layout. Here, your guide will give you a brief introduction with interesting details about the Wunderland, before the tour starts. You will enter the backstage area of the USA section, where you will find one of our largest staging yards. Next stop is Scandinavia with its large real-water basin and hidden ship staging areas. Hamburg is the next station of the tour. As in other sections as well, you will gain an insight on wiring, decoders, computers etc. here. Afterwards the tour stops over in Knuffingen, the most famous city in Wunderland. You will learn details and functionalities of our “intelligent” cars, the Carsystem, and we'll explain how the charging station works. To round off the tour, we will enter the backstage area of Knuffingen Airport. We will walk along the backside of the runway to the area of the aircraft-lift, which links the runway level of the layout with the three lower staging and airplane exchange levels. After 60 minutes, the tour will end at Castle Neuschwanstein.

    During the tour, your guide will explain interesting details regarding the concept, model building, development and technology of each layout section. By the way, you are very welcome to take lots of pictures or film during the tour!

    Rates (additional to your admission for the Miniatur Wunderland):

    Adults, 16 years and older: 17.50
    Children 7-15 years: 13.50
    additional to the admission

    Currently bookable until 31.01.2022

    Group size: maximum 6 people.

  • Guided Tours Carsystem, Airport, Switzerland and Italy

    Besucher hinter den kulissen fuehrung Flughafen

    Run of the guided tour

    You start off with your tour guide from the control center on the 4th floor into the direction of the biggest docking station for cars, where you will learn the basics about how they operate. Straight after that you will discover the Miniature Wunderland's biggest highlights:
    Knuffingen Airport is well known for its technical mastery of sending airplanes airborne and landing them every few minutes. You will get to look behind the runway and see the airplane lift and all the technology in action, while your guide provides all the necessary background information.

    You will have to wear a hat to prevent bumping your head for the next stop. It is just across the stairs and underneath the Swiss mountains, where you will find the large fiddle yard. You will amazed by the number of trains that will be cruising all around you.

    Your journey continues into Bella Italia, our most recent section. Be a witness to the eruption of the Vesuvius and learn all about the technical expertise behind its mechanics. There are some astonishingly large fiddle yards in this section as well, and some hidden details behind the scenes as well. Afterwards you will tour the scenic Amalfi coast, South Tyrole and will discover it all from a completely different perspective.

    Duration: 60 min.

    Rates (additional to your admission for the Miniatur Wunderland):

    Adults (16 and over): 17.50
    Children 7-15 years: 13.50
    Children up to 6 years: 5.00

    Group size: max. 6 people

    Please make sure you choose the exact description “Airport, Switzerland and Italy Special”

    This tour is also available in English language on demand.

  • Guided Tour for Children

    Besucher Anlage Familie Flughafen

    After many years of tours for adults we are now also offering tours especially for children. These make perfect birthday surprises!
    ATTENTION: These tours are only for our younger visitors between 7 and 12 years of age!

    Run of the guided tour
    The tour starts off at the control center and after a short introduction we are headed to America. Our young guests receive insight into the world of our fiddle yards and may also look underneath the exhibition. We will be looking at several details, such as Spider man, King-Kong and the Coca-Cola polar bears and the children will receive a lot of information on how our cars are operated and how the airplanes fly. The tour takes us through Scandinavia, where the children may operate ships, into Knuffingen where we will find out about the fire trucks in action.
    If time allows we take a little detour into the Swiss mountains at the end, where there is a chance of climbing almost half of our 6 meter high Matterhorn. Wearing helmets is obligatory, by the way! Once the tour is over our guide will return the children safely to their parents at the control station.

    Duration: 60 min.

    Group size: max. 6 children

    Rates (additional to your admission for the Miniatur Wunderland):

    Children 7-12 years: 13.50

    Please make sure you choose the right time slot for the Children's Guided Tour. These are mostly available on weekends. Should you require a children's tour during the week, for example for a birthday party, please contact us at +49 40 300 6 800 (Mo-Fr 8am-4pm). Please make sure to send your children to the washroom before the tour starts!

    This tour is only available in English language on demand.

Important notes

You can reserve or book the ticket directly though this website. Your reservation is binding, but you can cancel it up to two hours in advance online or by telephone. The link for cancellation will be sent to you along with your reservation confirmation via e-mail.

You should be at the Miniatur Wunderland at least 45 minutes prior to the start of your tour, unless the tour starts directly after morning opening time. If you have booked a tour, you do not need to reserve or buy an admission ticket in advance. You can buy your ticket on the day of your tour at one of our cash desks.

Due to space restrictions (maintenance aisles are quite narrow) we are unfortunately unable to allow persons weighing more than 120 kg (265 lbs), (girth being the deciding factor, for example, a person of 1.60 meters (5'3'') height and 120 kg (265 lbs) weight will encounter serious space problems). Restrictions may also apply to impaired people, especially to those with limited mobility. Persons with pacemakers unfortunately have to sit out on a small part of the tour, due to magnetic fields. Our staff reserves the right to make individual assessments on an individuals’ participation on the tour.

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