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Guided Backstage Tours - A Look behind the Scenes

Various guided tours allow you to get a unique look behind Miniatur Wunderland. Our guides will take you on a 60 minutes tour into the fascinating world of model building, creativity, and engineering on a miniature scale. The tours can be joined by six persons max. (for families or bigger groups up to seven participants are possible).

The highlight: If you book a guided tour in addition to regular tickets, your are entitled to preferential admission without waiting at any time on the day of the tour.

You can stay in the Wunderland on the day of your visit until we close.

Northern Wunderland (Backstage Tour, Variant 1)

The Northern Wunderland Tour takes you through the USA, Scandinavia, Hamburg, Central Germany and Knuffingen sections, as well as the airport.

Southern Wunderland (Backstage Tour, Variant 2)

The Southern Wunderland Tour takes you through the Southern France, Italy and Switzerland sections, as well as the airport.

In order not to disrupt the demanding work of the craftsmen, a visit to the workshops is not possible, even on a tour behind the scenes. You are however welcome to address your questions to the colleagues in the workshop area.

Limited accessibility

The tour leads through some maintenance corridors behind the model layout. These are usually only intended for our technicians and model builders and are therefore not barrier-free. There are also steep stairs and some wall openings need to be crossed in a stooped position.

Since so many guests wanted to get a look behind the scenes, we included these areas in the guided tours, what lead to some accessibility restrictions.

The stated restrictions/limitations do not apply to the publicly accessible areas of ​​the model railway exhibition.

Explanations in detail

Participation in a behind-the-scenes tour is restricted for:

  • People with

    • a large girth and pregnant women - the narrowest passage is just 30 cm wide between the wall and layout)
    • infants and young children
    • reduced mobility
    • claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces)
    • pacemakers that are not MRI* shielded
    • circulatory weakness

    *Magnetic resonance imaging

  • Children

    • are welcome to participate from the age of 6

    Most children are at least 120 cm tall at this age and can look on the exhibition layout independently to discover our big, small world.

    There is a risk of injury for small children, as the layout is higher at the back and not enclosed, as on the public front side.

    Lifting and carrying children is not possible in most areas behind the facility.

  • Animals

    • of all kinds, including assistance animals (no exceptions possible)
  • Items

    • any form of bulky items

    This also includes:

    • Walking aids and wheelchairs
    • Prams, pushchairs, child carriers
    • large bags, backpacks, suitcases
    • Containers with liquids
    • Food and drinks of all kinds

    Please leave these in the cloakroom or the lockers behind the Wunderland Bistro.

  • Audio System (better hearing and understanding)

    Fuehrung audioguide

    We use a modern audio system to allow a better understanding of the guides’ explanations in our often-noisy environment.

    This requires headphones with a 3.5 mm jack plug (small headphone plug).

    If you don't have matching headphones, you can borrow them before the beginning at the Guided Tour meeting point for a processing fee of € 1. All equipment, including the headphones, is cleaned and sanitized after every use.

Appointment booking for gift vouchers

  • You still have a red tour voucher WITHOUT barcode?

    Gutschein fuehrung

    To reserve your tour as a voucher holder, please follow this link. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

    You exchange your tour vouchers for the tour ticket at the ticket office upon arrival.

    Please plan to arrive at the Wunderland at least 30-40 minutes before the start of the guided tour. As you are taking part in a guided tour, you do not need to book your admission tickets on a date, you will automatically have priority admission so that you can make it to your tour on time.

    Guide booking for red vouchers WITHOUT barcode
  • You have a voucher with a barcode?

    If you have a recent voucher with a barcode, you can book your appointment here.

    Appointment booking for voucher holders with barcode
  • You already have tickets and only want to book the guided tour?

    If you already have tickets, you can only book the guided tour here. (Voucher holders please see below).

    On the following page, please select only the date of the visit; please leave the number of tickets blank, otherwise they will be placed directly in the shopping basket (but you can also delete them there). Select only the guided tour tickets at the desired time.

    The best thing about it: You don't need to take into account the booked time of your tickets, with the booking of the guided tour you can enter the Wunderland at any time and have priority admission. When you arrive, just go to the ticket office, we'll take care of that here on site.

    Buy guided tour only (without entrance fee if you already have tickets)

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