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190 m² of "la dolce vita": The real life travel location Italy is a definite must see in Miniatur Wunderland as well.

Six years of hard labor, more than 4 Mio. Euros in costs and praise from all around the world- after finishing the airport we immediately fell into a creative vacuum. Our ambition has always been to constantly improve ourselves and to create something new and special with each new section.

But what could be at least as fascinating as the airport? It took us two years to decide on building miniature Italy. Finally, on September 28th, 2016, when the curtain in green, white and red fell, we knew, we had made the right decision. The airport had been a technical masterpiece with its elaborate operational service, but Italy has turned out to be a highlight, when it comes to model building expertise.

It has been a long journey. The mention of Italy surely conjures pictures in everyone's head because it is so rich in beautiful landscapes, buildings and villages. We had to make tough decisions which of these we would reproduce on the available 190 m² and which to leave out, with a sometimes heavy (and admittedly sometimes not oh so heavy) heart. Respectively the process took us more than a year. Finally we chose five regions: South Italy with the Amalfi coast, South Tyrol, Rome, Tuscany and Liguria. They were created with an unprecedented love and devotion to detail in four years of hard work. The wide scale of explicitly sculpted landscape from South Italy up to Tuscany as well as some of the monumental buildings in Rome make our Italy a true masterpiece of model building. And of course our model builders have hidden a multitude of hilarious little scenes within. It is worth taking a closer look!

Facts & Figures about Italy

Rome from a bird's eye view


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