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The USA theme world was constructed from 01/2003 - 12/2003. Altogether it took 99,000 hours to build all the little details and the special landscapes. It was a real challenge to compile the many facets of the USA on 100 m².

The USA theme world was built in 2003 and is a bit smaller than its “neighboring country” Hamburg, but definitely not poorer in attractions! In the desert the gambler’s paradise Las Vegas ist the most illuminated spot in the entire Wunderland. Roughly a third of all lights installed in the Wunderland, namely 33.000, are situated in this famous city.

But the other regions are breathtakingly beautiful in their landscaping as well. The Keys and Cape Caneveral directly lead into Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon is only separated from Mount Rushmore and Yosemite National park by a very busy highway. Even if the square footage of the Wunderland USA is not as big - it is filled to the brim with highlights.

Facts & Figures about the USA

The Miami Oceandrive

Trainride through the Christmas Village and the Rocky Mountains

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