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What to see in Hamburg

Not only at Miniatur Wunderland there is much to discover. You shouldn´t miss Hamburg´s beautfiul sights!

What to see in Hamburg

The Miniatur Wunderland lies in the heart of the city. The Speicherstadt (the historic warehouse district) connects the old town and the city center with the new HafenCity. In July 2015, the Speicherstadt was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status and is a must-see for every visitor. The Speicherstadt is just as important to Hamburg as the Cathedral is for Cologne, the Opera House is for Sydney and the Statue of Liberty is for New York City.

With a size of 720 km2, Hamburg is about as big as New York City, Singapore or Berlin. It is impossible to see the whole city in one day. If you're staying for just one or two nights, we'd advise you to concentrate on some quarters in the inner city. There, you'll also find many hotels at different prices. You're welcome to book these hotels on our hotel booking page or with our travel packages here.

Apart from the Speicherstadt and the HafenCity, another suggestion would be the city center. If you are looking for a centrally located accommodation, we recommend the quarters St. Georg, Eimsbüttel, Ottensen, Eppendorf and Sternschanze. All of them are an excellent starting point for getting to the Wunderland and other attractions of Hamburg by StadtRAD (rental bike) or other public transportation means. Also each one has its own charm and offers many restaurants, bars and a lively atmosphere.

If you only have one day for sightseeing in Hamburg, we recommend of course the Speicherstadt and the Wunderland for a start. From here, you can discover the must-sees of Hamburg by foot. Right next to the Wunderland, there is the pier for the harbor tours as well as a bus stop for a sightseeing tour by bus. The HafenCity with the Elbphilharmonie is located within a two minute walking distance. Also located close by is the company Stage Entertainment, where you can get last-minute tickets for their four musical theatres in Hamburg. Within a 10 minute distance, you will also find a variety of museums and exhibitions, among them the Hamburg Dungeon, the Spice Museum, and the Speicherstadt Museum.

For many of those attractions, you can buy discounted tickets at our cash desk or online.

Further Attractions

Without doubt, the center of Hamburg's attractions are the Landungsbrücken, the Speicherstadt and the HafenCity. In the block “Kulturquartier” right above this text, you'll find a map and links to the best attractions of this area. The old ship Cap San Diego, the Speicherstadt Museum, the exhibition Dialog im Dunkeln (Dialogue in the Dark) or the Prototyp Museum for car freaks - there are very few places in the world where you'll find as many bridges and museums so close together.

But of course, Hamburg has much more to offer!

Our Top 10 outside of the Speicherstadt and Wunderland

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