Special Exhibits

Ever since the end of April 2008 there have been special exhibits at the Wunderland. Since by now several hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers visit the Wunderland every year, these exhibitions can be used to communicate some content alongside the mere pleasure of visiting the exhibition.

A City Divided

In several dioramas you can experience the history of the German division and reunion with the example of a street corner in the middle of Berlin. Many small scenes bring the history of this time back to life.

The History of Civilization

7,000 years in eight dioramas: There are countless historic dates, events, and images associated with the title "The History of our Civilization". We aimed to create a circumstantial exhibition which depicts living conditions of different eras in human history, and as many key events as possible, in an almost tangible manner

Utopia 2009

Before every election Germany is colorfully placarded, discussions running hot on all TV channels. No doubt, in election year 2009 the parties are not being stingy with slogans und demands. But what would it really mean for Germany, were the politicians free to design? What would each party’s ideal country look like? We have discussed this question in depth. In the end the diversity of opinions within our team led to helplessness. Therefore we offered all parties, represented in the German Bundestag in June, one square meter of land (to shape to their own visions).

Utopia 2013

Just in time for the 2013 federal election campaign, we were again bombarded from all sides with slogans, demands and election promises. However, it is difficult to imagine how these individual promises could be implemented. For this reason, for the second time in a row, we wrote to all parties represented in the German Bundestag and asked them to shape their vision of an ideal Germany on a 1:87 scale on one square meter of land.