"A strong Center, a strong Country"

Germany is on the right way. Despite the serious crisis in Europe. First and foremost this is because of the joint effort of the people. They have created a strong economic growth, more employment and higher wages in Germany. It is also because of liberal policies, because more people have more freedom to pursue their dreams and walk their own path. We have achieved many things. And we have even more planned. Together, we can achieve much more: Full employment. Less debts. More prosperity for all. These goals are within our reach. But we in Germany have to stay on course. That is what it is about in this election. Our promise is that everyone will have a chance at realising his dreams on his own. Our promise is that the promise of advancement in the social market economy can become true for everyone in Germany. That is only possible with us. With us, Germany will stay on course.

Memorial "Black Zero"

For the FDP party, everything is centered on the "black zero". The liberal town has no debts. This is our goal for Germany. We are on a good track: For 2014 we’re presenting the first structurally balanced budget since 40 years. Only with us financial relief and the diminishing of debts are possible at the same time.

Safe Money

Safe money is the corner stone of every liberal and fair societal and economic order. Inflation means deprecation of savings and life accomplishments. We make sure that your money will stay stable, and your savings stay safe. The money transporter is symbolizing this.

Removal of Security Cameras

We want a republic of free citizens, and politics for the constitutional rights and the freedom of the people in our country. The people are free to choose their own way of life. We are strictly opposing data retention. Therefore, all surveillance cameras in town are being removed.

Dahrendorf High School

In order to realize the promise of advancement for everyone, we foremost need good education politics, so everyone can unfold his talents and ideas. Different gifts ask for individual promotion, and more freedom for schools. Therefore, we want to preserve our high schools. There are no uniform children; therefore there must not be any uniform schools.

Citizens' Advice Bureau & Start-up Center

You see the former labour office. Thanks to our liberal economic politics and a free labour market, there’s full-time employment. The old office is now replaced by a "start-up center", which eases the way of young entrepreneurs into independent businesses. Thus, we’re supporting citizen’s ideas and the courage to start up their own enterprises.


he liberal city has a comprehensive traffic system. We have liberalized long-distant traffic, and we made intercity busses possible. Great infrastructural projects are important for the future of Germany, and possible with the participation of citizens. An example is our intercity station built underneath the town.


Support of our children is the foundation of our society’s future, and of our town. Our 24-hour day-care center facilitates parents to combine family and professional life. It makes non-bureaucratic child care and early-childhood education around the clock possible. It creates a freedom in which everyone can choose his own way.

Same Privileges - same Duties

In our free town it does not matter where you come from, how old you are, what you believe, or whom you love. Equal duties entail equal rights. This is allegorized by the same-gender couple which, unlike in Germany today, is allowed to donate blood and adopt children.

New Buildings

Investments in infrastructure and new residential buildings have paid out. The prices on the free housing market have stabilized. Instead of rent controls, which repel potential investors and add to the deterioration of existing realty, in our town we believe in investing in new residential property and the infrastructure. As you can see: It works!