"Bavaria. The State. Policies for Chances instead of Debts"

Our Bavarian plan describes our visions for Bavaria and for Germany. Bavaria offers the highest quality of life and a strong community, social security and solid finances. No other German federal state can present such a positive balance. We wish that our children and grandchildren may have a great future, too. We support families in all their plurality and offer the best education for every child. For us, proficiency and solidarity with the weak belong together. We secure employment and wealth in a global competitive market – with our strong economy and our innovation. We support the energy of the future – safe, affordable and environmentally sound. We perceive the digital revolution as a great chance for the future. We free Bavaria of debt and massively invest in the future. This is the Bavarian way. Others may set their faith in the benevolence of the state, the patronising of citizens, and an increase of taxes. That is not our way. Our goal: Bavaria will remain a home for all people and the state with the best prospects for the future. Chances instead of debts – that is Christian and social and that is also good for Germany!

A Debt-free Bavaria - against more Taxes, Debts, Bureaucracy

We will free Bavaria of debts until 2030 and we have already paid back 2 billion Euro in debts. The tax increases planned by other parties are poison for the economy and for the employment rate – we are for mid-sized businesses, for workers and families. No tax increases! No new debts! Reduce the fiscal drag! Stop the emergence of more and more bureaucracy!

Our Goal: Full Employment

Bavaria has the lowest unemployment rate in decades. Never before have there been so many employees contributing to social security insurance. We wish to secure and extend the excellent employment opportunities in Bavaria. We have defeated youth unemployment. Every school graduate shall have access to a qualified professional education. And not one trainee shall finish without a degree.

The best Education

Every third Euro in the Bavarian budget is spent on education. Bavaria’s educational system offers the best opportunities for advancement. This is confirmed regularly by national and international surveys. We wish to aid schoolchildren even more. An elementary-school-guarantee ensures that elementary schools remain close by. We want to establish an all-day-guarantee for day schools in all forms of schooling.

Green Energy Transition in a safe and affordable Way

Bavaria is leading the energy turnaround. We want an energy supply that is safe, clean and affordable. We want to produce the energy that Bavaria needs here by ourselves. We want to promote modern energy storage with our ten-thousand-houses programme. We want to realise the energy turnaround in accordance with the citizens and our landscape.

Families and Social Security

Family and marriage are at the centre of our policies. We want the splitting of income taxes for married couples to remain untouched. We wish to increase children’s benefit money as well as the child tax allowance and hold on to the Bavarian child-raising allowance for low-income families. Social security also consists of higher pensions for mothers and the best medical treatment in the world.

Homeland Security

Bavarian citizens have the safest life. Less crimes are committed here than anywhere else and crimes are solved quicker and more frequently. Safety is also a basic social right. Life in freedom can only exist in a safe society. We support the police, we prefer the protection of victims to the protection of offenders and say: Zero tolerance for violence and crime.

Community and Solidarity - Bavaria in Europe

Bavaria is a state influenced by Christianity, with Christian holidays and religious education classes. A significantly high number of people in Bavaria do voluntary work. We wish to nurture and support this communion in Bavaria. We want the European integration but we do not want a Federal State of Europe. We want a better Europe, not more Europe.


Bavaria has an incomparable landscape, a lively tradition, a century-old culture. We want Bavaria to remain our homeland while living in one of the most modern and advanced countries of the world. We want to preserve the Creation, and secure a healthy life in our cultural landscape. Bavaria’s agricultural family businesses require financial stability and development prospects.

Modern Infrastructure

A modern country needs a modern infrastructure. We are investing a billion Euro in digital pilot projects, and also in a state-wide high-speed internet connection. We have massively increased our investments in the transport section but we need more fairness when it comes to the financing of streets. That’s why we want an automobile toll charge for foreigners on German Autobahns – just as almost all our European neighbours do.