The Left Party

"We have the Choice"

"How do we want to live?" is the question DIE LINKE followed up upon, and drafted two opposite future scenarios. In a fictitious town – let’s call it "Fiesbaden" ( fies = German for "mean") because of its new NSA-headquarters – totalitarian security is prevalent. The government has sold all powers to private businesses. In a Public Private Partnership, judiciary and executive authority are organized market-based. Decentralized surveillance is functioning perfectly. This scenario is closer to current reality than George Orwell’s "1984". The ’left’ alternative is still called "Wiesbaden" (Wiese = German for "meadow"). The former surveillance headquarters is overgrown with greens, and it’s being utilized as a vertical vegetable patch. People are living a self-determined life. Scientific progress is serving their interests and the preservation of the environment. A street is separating these worlds, and the choice to turn either way is up to us at all times – so it is on September 22nd.

Surveillance Headquarters

A copy of the NSA-headquarters is in the center of both worlds. It casts forth its menacing power to Fiesbaden. In the Walter-Steinmeier-Alley and elsewhere there’re security turnstiles and surveillance cameras. In Wiesbaden the monstrosity has overgrown and is being utilized for vertical agriculture. Someone is peeing at a corner. Suspicious, wary eyes are watching him from the other side.


Stately towers built from steel and glass are bearing witness of limitless power. Money is being earned virtually with information. While the elite is being escorted safely into their shielded world by armoured luxury cars, the last resistance in a remaining Occupy- camp in front of the building is being dissolved by martial security officials. The water canon at the Milton-Friedmann-Causeway is already waiting.

Apartment Block

At the Hartz-Lane Block IV and Block V are located. The private life is under complete surveillance, even though everyone is watching the same channel. Everybody is inherently suspicious. On the toilet, under the shower, or in bed – no matter where – in the end cameras are even watching one another. In case violence happens in spite of it all, private security forces are near. These scrambling kids are being subdues by a superiority of security forces.

Tree House

Tree houses are the alternative in Wiesbaden. Here people live in accord with nature and their inclinations in intelligent no-energy-houses which are open or closed depending on their personal wishes and energy needs. Additional power demands are being covered with artificial photosynthesis and geothermal energy which is being supplied free of charge.

Rudolf Bahro Institute

The socio-ecological institute "Rudolph Bahro" is located in the middle of Wiesbaden’s forest. Students of natural and spiritual science with international background are researching and discussing their disputatious theses’ about new methods for an eco-friendly and peaceful cohabitation.

Court House

The Higher Regional Court powered by Google is located at the "Freedom" plaza. A poor fellow is being arrested while a celebrity is celebrating his juridical success in front of cameras. In the basement the clandestine are sitting in front of a giant monitor, but they are being observed unknowingly, themselves. The results of this surveillance will be of use to the state’s attorney. Do you find the scenes on the screens in Fiesbaden?


True to its name, people in Wiesbaden are laying on the meadow or going swimming. Youths are sitting together in front of tents, talking to each other, someone is playing guitar, and two people are fishing in the river accompanied by ducks floating in the reed belt. Offside there’s a love couple gleefully kissing one another.


People who are suspicious to or drop out of the Fiesbaden system are being incarcerated at the “Siemens-preventive detention”. For the private investor, the arrested have to work – not for public benefits, but for profits in a double sense: Cameras are being produced here – surveillance cameras by Siemens, of course.


In Wiesbaden there are regional economic cycles. At the Rosa-Luxemburg-Street is a farm with the Wiesbaden weekly market. Here you can find "Milk & Honey" and, on September 22nd, a "1st choice red wine tasting". The products come from the communal garden and the agrarian project at the former NSA-headquarter. For their purchase people arrive with bikes and public local transport because the distance is short.