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Welcome to the world of the Andes, glaciers and penguins. While blocks of ice tumble into the water at the famous Perito Moreno glacier, a threatening storm is brewing over the legendary Drake Passage. The second part of the South America section extends to 65 m² and shows the diverse beauty of Patagonia down to the smallest detail.

A storm is brewing, the sea becomes rough and the sky darkens. The sun disappears at one end and rises at the other end of the Andes Mountain range to cover the vast land in golden light. That‘s the beauty of Patagonia and it has now been immortalised at least as beautifully in Miniatur Wunderland. Like the Rio de Janeiro section, Patagonia was also built in cooperation between the Wunderland team and the Martinez family in Buenos Aires. After four years of construction, the new world was opened in May 2023.

In the background, the famous Fitz Roy rises into the sky, while in the foreground large ice blocks of the Perito Moreno glacier fall into the water. The glacier has been recreated as accurate as possible in Wunderland and stands out with its blue colour. A mechanism lets the ice blocks fall into the water every few minutes.

When building Patagonia, some rethinking had to be done, as the narrow-gauge railway La Trochita ("The Little Train") runs there. In the original, the tracks have a track gauge of 750 mm, which corresponds to only 9 mm in 1:87 scale (H0e gauge). All locomotives and wagons for had to be built and painted by hand. The small town of Ingeniero Jacobacci in the Argentine province is the only densely populated settlement in the Patagonia of Wunderland. Despite its modest size, there is a lively community here and you can discover many little stories. From dinosaur excavations to a spaceship crash and many guachos on their own missions, there is a lot to discover.

A special highlight of Wunderland's Patagonia is the Drake-Passage. The strait between South America and Antarctica is known for its unpredictable sea conditions and strong storms. New techniques were developed to realise this natural spectacle in miniature. The complex mechanics imitate the strong swell and work hand in hand with various video projections and sound effects that realistically depict the weather and waves. The Drake Passage includes the most components ever built into a mechanic in Wunderland. The result is something to be proud of and looks best when you can admire it on site.

Once you have made it across the Drake Passage, you arrive in Antarctica. Here, about 2,000 penguins are waddling around and clearly having fun. While the chicks seek warmth in small groups, other penguins slither through the ice or dance in circles at the touch of a button. Antarctica is far from being fully explored. That's why there are some research teams there that work under extreme conditions. They do not stop at the Wunderland and continue their expeditions here.

At the southern point of Antarctica you will find a piece of history. Ernest Shackleton's expedition ship reminds of his attempt to cross the South Pole.

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