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To avoid long waiting times, it is best to come early in the morning or in the late afternoon. If you want to play it safe, you can buy or reserve tickets at no extra charge in advance.

In this section, you'll find information on prices for tickets, groups, annual passes, tours, special events and our gastronomy.

We try to keep admission fees to Miniatur Wunderland as low as we can in order to make the visit affordable to everyone, and aim at offering lower prices and a more family oriented service than comparable recreational attractions. However, the ongoing maintenance and expansion of the Wunderland is incredibly expensive. Our airport alone cost almost 4 million Euros. By offering discounts for specific groups of people, we hope to still be attractive for everyone.

Please note: Vouchers bought in our online shop are valid for the following year, too, they don't end on Dec 31st.

Recommendation: In order to avoid waiting time, best come in the early morning or late afternoon, or - if you want to be on the safe side - reserve your tickets in advance. Of course, this service is offered free of charge.

Please note: In the early morning and late afternoon, there might be a reduced price (i.e. 10% discount) on some tickets. You can book those, as well as all our tickets, in our Online Reservation System. Of course, you are welcome to visit us any time without pre-reservation, but you might have to wait in that case.

Preiser Familie

Our admission at a glance

Category Children smaller than 1 meter/3 feet (accompanied by a parent)
Prices free of charge
Category Children under 16 years
Prices 12.50 €
Category Adults
Prices 20.00 €
Category Adult Groups (15 or more) per person
Prices 19.00 €
Category Children in Groups
Prices 12.00 €
Category School Classes (10 or more, max. age 18, for 10 paying students 1 teacher is free), per person *
Prices 12.00 €
Category Seniors (ages 65+) (please bring ID as proof of age)
Prices 18.00 €
Category School children (16 and older) / studens / federal service volunteers (please bring relevant ID)
Prices 16.00 €
Category severely handicapped persons Adults (please bring handicapped ID) **
Prices 15.00 €
Category severely handicapped persons Children (please bring handicapped ID) **
Prices 7.50 €
Category Wheelchair users (Please also see our offer "Wheelchair Monday") **
Prices 6.00 €
Category Recipients of unemployment benefits/Hartz 4-recipients (please bring relevant ID)
Prices 12.00 €
Category Children of recipients of unemployment benefits/Hartz 4-recipients (please bring relevant ID)
Prices 6.00 €
Category Annual Pass, Adults personally ***
Prices 80.00 €
Category Annual Pass, Adults personally - prolongation ***
Prices 60.00 €
Category Annual Pass, Children personally ***
Prices 40.00 €
Category Annual Pass, Children personally - prolongation ***
Prices 30.00 €

*) Please note, that free tickets for teachers cannot be accounted for school children/students.

**) Assistants of severly disabled persons with a "B" in their handicapped pass are also entitled to the reduced admission fee!

***) Further info about our annual passes

  • Guided tours

    Besucher hinter den kulissen fuehrung skandinavien Gang Technik

    With our guided tours, you have the chance to look behind the scenes: In a small group of max. 6 people, you'll discover what is behind and underneath the layout! Our guides will also provide you with interesting details about the concept, model building, development and technology of Miniatur Wunderland. Guided tours in English are not offered every day, especially outside of the holidays. If you would like to have a guided tour for your group exclusively, just contact us.

    We only offer the following guided tour in English:
    Behind the scenes - 60 minutes

    Rates (excluding the admission)

    Children aged 6 and under
    Children aged 7-15

    If you are interested in booking a guided tour, please see our online system.

  • Group rates

    Besucher Flughafen Terminals

    We offer not only special rates for groups, but also additional events, i.e. group tours in cooperation with the Hamburg tourism office or specific guided tours.


    Groups with a minimum of 15 people (price per person)19.00
    Groups of children (under 16 years)
    School groups with a minimum of 15 students, maximum age 18 years (price per person; 1 teacher per class free of charge)12.00

    If you would like to make a group reservation, please use our online reservation form or give us a call at +49 40 300 6 800 (Mo-Fr 8am-4pm).

  • Special Events

    Sonderveranstaltung Kuli Oesterreich Buffet Anlage

    Our special events are one of the nicest ways to discover Wunderland. "Big Tubs & Small Trains" comprises two of Hamburg's top highlights (harbor tour and Wunderland) at a terrific rate. "Wunderland at Night" allows a limited number of visitors to visit Wunderland after the usual opening hours and gives them the opportunity to look behind the scenes. And the exclusive event "Culinary Trip around the World" combines your visit to Wunderland with a delicious experience.

    Wunderland at Night



    Children under 16 years


    Big Tubs & Small Trains



    Children under 16 years


    Culinary Trip around the World



    Children under 16 years


    See more
  • Annual passes

    The annual pass allows you entrance to Wunderland at 365 days a year and to be always up-to-date on our construction progress.

    Annual passes are personalized and non-transferable. There are two ways to obtain a pass: You may either visit us in person and purchase the pass at our cash desk, or you buy it quite simply in our onlineshop.

  • Menu of our Restaurant & Bistro

    Bistro Essen Tagesgericht 3

    In our restaurant on the 2nd floor, you'll find a wide selection of freshly cooked meals as well as beverages. We want you to enjoy your stay at Wunderland to the fullest. Therefore, we also try to keep our bistro prices reasonable and family-friendly. In our choices of foods and beverages, we try to cater to the wishes of parents and kids.

    Next to the live-cooking station, where we offer freshly cooked pasta, there's a variety of tasty seasonal menus. But of course, classics like "Currywurst" and French fries are also found.

    Below, please see our menu (additionally, we offer changing dishes of the day):


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