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Opening Hours

We are open 365 days (at least in times without Covid-19) a year, always at least from 09:30 – 18:00 h. On weekends, during school holidays, on Tuesdays or on public holidays we are often open much longer.

Miniatur Wunderland closed at least until March 7th, 2021

Due to official orders we unfortunately have to close at least until March 7th, 2021. We hope to reopen in December, so tickets for visits from March 8th, 2021 onwards can still be booked.

All information regarding tickets you have already booked can be found in our Covid-19-FAQs.

On weekends, public holidays and during school holidays there are regularily long waiting times.
To avoid having to wait, we recommend you to reserve or buy a ticket in advance. But thanks to our accurate waiting time prognosis, you also have the opportunity to completely avoid waiting times, or at least minimize them, when planning a spontaneous visit. (You can come and visit us at any time, even if there are no more tickets available online!) The worst case scenario is that you have to wait in our waiting area while enjoying a refreshing drink on the house.