Terms & Conditions

Here you find the terms & conditions of Miniatur Wunderland.

Terms & Conditions

§ 1 Area of Application

Solely the following general terms and conditions apply for the business relationship between Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH and the visitor in the version, which at the time of visit is valid. Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH does not acknowledge any deviating or supplementary conditions of the visitor, unless Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH has expressly agreed in writing to their validity.
Legally binding declarations can only reach Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH along the following modes of contact:

Postal address:
Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH
Kehrwieder 2, Block D
20457 Hamburg
Phone. +49 40 300 6 800 (Mo-Fr 8am-4pm)
Fax +49 (0)40 - 300 6 80 - 99
Email: info@miniatur-wunderland.de
Should these terms and conditions require written form, this requirement is fulfilled by email or fax as well.

§ 2 Admission
The exhibition of the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH may only be entered by visitors with valid entry tickets via the marked entrances. The box office tickets entitle the visitor to enter within the time slot printed onto the ticket. The entitlement to visit expires with exiting the exhibition. You may only re-enter with a valid stamp to your hand. Out entry fees are inclusive the use of all push button actions in operation and film screenings. Taxes are included in the price. Different types of discount may not be combined. People under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be denied access to the exhibition without claim of repayment or partial refunding of the entry fee.

§ 3 Entry Time / Reservations
The reservation of a time slot for entry without waiting time is a service provided by Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH free of cost. There is no fundamental legitimate claim.

§ 4 Guided Tours
Guided tours may be postponed without prior notice, rebooked or cancelled. Should a guided tour be cancelled Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH will refund the price of the tour, but not the entry fee.

§ 5 Online Ticket Purchases
§ 5.1 Area of Application
For all contracts and all orders placed with us for the supply of tickets the following terms and conditions are exclusively valid in relation to the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH.

§ 5.2 Conclusion of Contract, Cancellation
The offer for a binding conclusion of contract is made by the customer upon clicking the box „buy now“. Only when Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH supplies and sends a booking number to the customer a binding contract between the customer and their contractual partner (Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH as host) will be concluded.
No warranty is given for the accuracy of the data contained on the website of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH.
The Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH is entitled to cancel a customer’s order which has already been given a booking number (unilateral right of withdrawal), should the customer violate specific conditions which have been pointed out in the process of presale or should the customer have been trying to elude these conditions (e.g. breach of restricting the amount of tickets per customer, breach of deed conditions, especially of resale bans, attempt of circumvention by applying and using multiple user profiles, etc.). The declaration of cancellation / resignation can also be implied by crediting the amounts paid.
The § 346 (and following) German Civil Code apply in the aforementioned right of withdrawal with exclusion of § 350 German Civil Code.

§ 5.3 Price Components and Payment
The payment process is carried out by BS PAYONE GmbH and possible with all online offered payment methods. Taxes (VAT) are included in the price. The total price of the order including all fees is due for immediate payment according to contract.
If necessary service and shipping costs may be charged in the Internet order which may vary depending on the event. These costs will be listed in your shopping cart and there will be no further undeclared costs.

§ 5.4 Cancellation and Return Rights
Since the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH is offering services from the field of recreational activities, especially tickets for events, the conditions of a distance selling contract according to §312g German Civil Code are not fulfilled. This means there is no entitlement to revocation and return. Every order of entry tickets is therefore binding according to 5.2. after confirmation by the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH and binds the customer to accept the tickets and pay for the order.

§ 5.5 Limitations of Liability, Exclusion of Claims under certain Breaches of Duty
The Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH is in any case liable according to the Product Liability Act for intentional or grossly negligent damages caused, fraudulent concealment of defects, as well as for damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health. The liability for damages arising from breach of warranty is equally unlimited.
For breach of contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations), which is based only on ordinary negligence, the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH is liable limited to replacement of the foreseeable, typical damage.
In addition to cases named in paragraphs 1 and 2 above the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH is not liable for damages caused by simple negligence.
The entitlement of the customer, to distance themselves from the contract due to a breach of duty which the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH is not responsible for and which does not consist of a defect in goods, is excluded. As far as the liability of the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH is excluded or limited by the preceding paragraphs, this also applies to the liability of its vicarious agents.

§ 6 Exhibition / Liability
Individual areas of the exhibition may be turned off without prior announcement, due to repair or other technical problems, In case of malfunction, partial malfunction or deactivation of individual or all areas of the exhibition or push button actions due to force majeure such as power failure, thunderstorm and flooding as well as service and repair work, there is no entitlement to repayment or partial repayment/ reduction of the entry fee.

§ 7 General Safety Regulations
Dogs are welcome guests, but must be held on a leash at all times. Moreover, the Dogs Regulation of the City of Hamburg applies in its current version. It is in the interest of hygiene that dog owners bring with them a provision for the removal of dog waste. Other pets may not be brought to the exhibition.
The fire regulations in the exhibition must be followed. Especially forbidden is the kindling of fire. Smoking in all parts of the building, waiting areas and restaurant, is not permitted with an exception of the specifically designated smoking areas.
In the interest of conserving the exhibition for all guests, visitors should not touch the exhibits.
The possession and carrying of weapons or dangerous objects (handguns, knives, chains, knuckle dusters, etc.) is prohibited throughout the entire exhibition.
It is in your personal interest to follow the instructions of the personnel of the exhibition.
Wanton noise and the noisy operation of musical devices are prohibited.
Our exhibition is monitored and video recorded for safety reasons.
It is mandatory to wear outer wear and shoes.
It is prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages into the exhibition.

§ 8 Notification of Claim
All facilities within the exhibition are regularly serviced and monitored. Should you nevertheless come to harm through no fault of your own, please report the claim before leaving the exhibition at the shop, the control room or, during an event, with the event management. Please report the incident as well, should it be foreseeable, that an event could lead to a later claim.
A damage claim is excluded if the damage is reported following the exit of the exhibition.

§ 9 Local Purchases
The provisions of the civil code apply.

§ 10 Final Clauses
The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively.
The sole place of fulfillment for delivery, performance and payment is Hamburg if the customer is an entrepreneur according to §14 of the German Civil Code.
If the customer is a merchant, the exclusive (including international) jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship is Hamburg. In case of trans-border contracts this also applies to non merchants. The Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH reserves the right to appeal to any other court with international jurisdiction.

Should any of the above clauses be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision will be replaced by a provision the parties would have agreed on had they known of the ineffectiveness.

Status: Nov. 27th 2019