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Group Offers

Please register your group of 15 or more for your Wunderland visit here.

Reservation in advance is mandatory.


Are you planning a visit to Wunderland with 15 or more people? Please be sure to register! With the registration you will receive priority admission after confirmation.

You are a group of people (minimum 15 persons) and plan on visiting the Wunderland together? The form below allows you to register your group very easily. Please tell us the exact date and time of your visit and the size of your group. By registering in advance, you will avoid waiting time at Wunderland.

Your group is factored in for the number of people allowed in Wunderland at the same time, so it has an influence on other visitors' waiting time, too. Therefore, we kindly ask you to arrive on schedule. Please submit a mobile phone number where we can reach you on the day of your visit. If the time or day of your booking has to be changed, please let us know!

The reservation request can only be made online.

Please note that we can not always consider your desired time and the mere submission of the form is not a confirmed booking, but counts as a request only. Especially during vacations and weekends, the times when we can allow group visits are highly limited, in which case it is only possible to reserve for the very early morning or the late afternoon. Mornings/afternoons are unfortunately not possible on these dates, as it is perceived that more than 90% of the visitors would like to visit us between 10 am and 3 pm. In quiet months without vacations and during the week, however, everything is more relaxed.

Our admission

  • Admission EUR 20.00
  • Admission under 16 years EUR 12.50
  • Admission Discounted EUR 17.00
    Discount available for:
    • Pupils/Students from 16 years
    • Senior Citizens (from 65 years)
    • Handicapped/Disabled Persons and accompanying persons, if marked in the handicapped/disabled ID card
  • Wheelchair users EUR 8.00
  • School groups per student/pupil: EUR 12.50
    (Students up to and including 18 years of age, 1 teacher free for every 10 paying students, non-transferable)


Should you have to cancel your group visit, please notify us no later than 48 hours before the date of the visit so that we can pass on the card contingents that have become available.

Your message has been sent.

We will respond to your inquiry as fast as possible, normally within 1-2 business days....

All the Best,

The Miniatur Wunderland Team