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Welcome to our special exhibition: 20 Years of Miniatur Wunderland

What has started out as a seemingly crazy idea, turned out to be a fairytale-like story, which has turned into reality.

We'd like to take you on a journey through 20 exciting years - from the very first idea to a peak into the near future.

Dive into the history of the Wunderland! Its origin, the making of every individual world, daring record trials and the most extraordinary events of the past two decades.

We hope that we can give you an exciting insight into the history of the wonderful world of the Miniatur Wunderland – from small inventions to the great masterpieces of model building.

Enjoy exploring!

Discover 20 years of Miniatur Wunderland

  • 2000

    Wb 2  Kw 34 2001  Nr  43


    Signing the lease

    October 30th

    Publishing of the job posting "Model builder wanted" in local and nationwide

    November 1st

    Moving into the building in the historic ware house district


    Of 150 applications, 40 candidates are invited to the casting of model builders

    November 17th

    The first 17 „Wunderlandians“ are hired

    December 15th

    Official construction start of the model system

  • 2001

    2000 2001 team

    January 8th

    First TV team ask for a filming permit

    January 24th

    The website goes live. In the first 48 hours it's reaching 2000 visitors


    Arrival of the first 40 boxes with trees and 20,000 figures

    March 18th

    The last cabling of the first section is finished


    The first car-system vehicle is driving

    May 21st

    The TV channel Sat1 publishes a first big television report about Miniatur Wunderland


    The first Fire trucks arrive at the fire station in Knuffingen


    First rails in Hamburg are placed

  • 2002

    Hamburg WB 3 KW12 2002 Nr 73

    January 21st

    First train test drives take place in the future section of Hamburg


    Installation of the golden writing “Modelleisenbahn Wunderland“ on the front of the building


    The first additional space is being leased and the extension plan of the Wunderland is being amplified

    June 10th

    The 3-wire branch line and the 2-wire (sub)urban train are in operation


    The Transatlantic tunnel between Hamburg and the planned construction section America is being build

    August 16th

    The Wunderland celebrates its 1st birthday

    October 28th

    Constructions in America start

  • 2003

    Amerika WB 5 KW35 2003 Nr 148


    The Hamburg central station moves into the existing section


    Field work in Central Germany: The famous sunflower field emerges

    October 14th

    The street lights in Miami are installed

    October 25th

    The Control station is in operation

  • 2004

    Skandi P6222764


    The 1,000,000th visitor enters the Wunderland


    Further construction is secured: Signing of the lease for the new space

    April 5th

    The first functional ship is placed in the Wunderland Bay

    June 21st

    Completion of the traffic control system in America

    July 16th

    Completion of the traffic control system in America


    The Mini Miniatur Wunderland is moving to the Hamburg section

  • 2005

    Schweiz alpen wallis tal grundgeruest

    February 10th

    Welcoming the 2,000,000th guest

    May 7th

    The Wunderland earns the MOBA “Innovationspreis Modellbahn”


    The city portal Knuffingen goes online


    Construction start in Swiss section

    November 23rd

    The real santa visits the Wunderland

    Mid December

    TV tower of Hamburg is installed

  • 2006

    April 20th

    The 3.000.000th visitor enters the Wunderland (Receives a present: Little cottage in Norway)

    May 19th

    The Cap San Diego joins the Wunderland fleet of ships


    The Wunderland celebrates its 5th birthday

    December 20th

    The first trains do a test run in the Swiss section

  • 2007

    January 15th

    Auction of five Swiss properties for charitable purposes

    January 19th

    The locomotive lift is installed

    April 13th

    All house and street lighting of existing sections has been switched to LED’s

    June 13th

    The 4,000,000th visitor enters the Wunderland

    August 20th

    The AOL Arena becomes the HSH Nordbank Arena: Ceremonial inauguration with HSV player Frank Rost

    End of August

    The Bundesliga train runs for the first time at the facility


    Loss of entry in the Guinness Book of Records (Longest Train)

  • 2008

    February 22th

    Opening of the German Jet gas station with real time price display

    April 8th

    First time completely emptying the Scandinavia tank for repair work

    July 16th

    The 5,000,000th visitor enters the Wunderland

  • 2009

    Dj bobo 2


    The visitors of the Wunderland can observe first test flights at the Knuffingen airport

    February 25th

    Simone Young conducts 75 small musicians in the Hamburg section to Brahms' Second Symphony

    June 21st

    The new DJ Bobo stage is being opened

    June 25th

    The 6,000,000th visitor enters the Wunderland


    The ship lift in the Bavaria section is built

  • 2010

    2010 a380 WB 07 KW 01 2011 nr 532

    January 1st

    The Wunderland increases its space by 800m². The expansion is secured

    February 24th

    DJ Bobo's new stage show is finally integrated in Wunderland after more than half a year with him on tour


    The airport is officially opened


    Carsystem vehicle breaks the record mark of 10,000 real kilometers driven

    June 4th

    The 7,000,000th visitor enters the Wunderland

    August 26th

    Ceremony to mark the renaming of the football stadium: HSH-Norbank Arena becomes Imtech Arena

  • 2011


    First construction work on Castle Neuschwanstein


    Integration of digital arrival and departure schedules at the airport

    February 16th

    The 1,000,000th visitor from Hamburg is welcomed


    Dry dock moves in the water basin of Scandinavia


    The Wunderland celebrates its 10th birthday

  • 2012

    July 17th

    The Wunderland opens the 2nd floor with entrance, store and bistro


    300,000 donation pins have been sold for a good cause

    November 8th

    The Miniatur Wunderland is winner of the German Tourism Award


    The 10,000,000th visitor enters the Miniatur Wunderland

  • 2013

    Hafencity IMG 4976


    Press campaign: Construction bungle at the Elphilharmonie becomes known

    April 16th

    Opening of the international horticultural show in the Hamburg section


    Shell of the Elphilharmonie stands


    TicTacToe button is installed in Bavaria

    May 9th

    Construction start of Italy with prominent visit


    Record attempt: Around 200 model railroads pull an 84-ton locomotive

  • 2014

    March 30th

    Inauguration of the Davidwache in Hamburg


    Wunderlandians travel to Italy for research

    May 27th

    Musician The Bo shoots music video for hit "Fanfest" in Wunderland


    The Miniatur Wunderland gets a new logo

    December 4th

    Installation and inauguration of the Lion King tent

    December 8th

    On the occasion of Hamburg's Olympic bid, a miniature stadium is erected in the Europa Passages

  • 2015


    Initiative "I can't afford it" takes place for the first time

    February 20th

    Fire and flame: Chain of lights around the Alster

    April 25th

    5,000 days Miniatur Wunderland

    May 18th

    The German comedy series "Neues aus Büttenwarder" moves into Wonderland as a model

    November 3rd

    The Tagesschau studio moves into the Hamburg section

    November 8th

    World record: Model of Olympic rings with over 6,000 people

  • 2016

    January 6th

    Wunderland becomes part of Google Street View as the smallest place in the world

    April 19th

    The 250th Youtube video is published

    August 12th

    Visitor from East Timor completes the Wunderland world map

    September 21st

    Donation pins crack the 500,000 euro mark

    October 5th

    Miniatur Wunderland named Germany's most popular tourist destination by the German National Tourist Board (DZT)

    December 2nd

    The 15,000,000th visitor enters the Wunderland

  • 2017

    April 7th

    Wunderland trains have traveled 10 million kilometers (250x around the world)


    Idea of collaboration with the modeling family Martinez from Buenos Aires

    September 8th

    The video "The apocalyptic non-voters" calls the people to vote during German elections

    November 17th

    Biography "Small world, big dream" appears

  • 2018

    February 2nd

    Successful video on the subject of "man sniffles"


    Wunderland model makers travel to Monaco for research


    Construction start of Rio de Janeiro in Buenos Aires

    October 1st

    Successful video: "Der letzte macht das Feuer aus"

  • 2019

    May 18th

    Video: 70 years of "Grundgesetz"

    June 27t

    Shit storm about the poster campaign "Factory Farming" in Knuffingen


    First lavender is planted in Provence


    First rehearsal of the new fair

  • 2020

    Wb 04 kw 29 2020 n 1029 kran bruecke

    March 16th

    Closure of the Wonderland to Corona Lockdown


    Modernization of the control station

    May 20th

    Reopening after lock-down

    July 15th

    Building bridges: The 36-ton pedestrian bridge is positioned in place, connecting both buildings

    November 2nd

    Lockdown #2: Closing down the Wunderland for the secondtime

    December 15th

    Wunderland Christmas party takes place in 1:87

    December 16th

    First parts of Rio de Janeiro arrive in Hamburg

    December 29th

    Video: Corona-Virus fire ball

  • 2021

    March 26th

    Children's book "The Legacy of Wonderland" published

    May 27th

    Reopening after Lockdown #2

    End of May

    Boxes for Rio de Janeiro are unpacked in the new warehouse

    August 16th

    20 Years Miniatur Wunderland

    August 23rd

    The 20,000,000th visitor enters the Wunderland