"A better country does not develop on its own"

This year, social democracy is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Driven by a vision of a better and more just world, many people were actively engaged over this long period of time. Freedom from distress and besetment, freedom for everyone to lead a self-determined life – that’s the vision of social democracy until today. In the middle of our picture a group of people has gathered around a traditional banner. It represents the conviction that change and progress is impossible without solidarity, community, and a sense of 'WE'. Around the banner, we arrange unusually large motifs: a book with a staircase, wealth-poverty scissors, an enamoured locust, a division bank…With this 'foreign object principle' in the miniature picture a collage arose in which dimensions have changed. How high do we value things? What is important to us? These are the questions we want to raise with the image. This is the essence of social democracy since 1863: To look straight at the issues at stake, without resigning to them.


Certain bank activities have pushed the world into a great crisis. The SPD is campaigning for a dual banking system. In our model it is symbolized by a piggy bank representing a fair 'savings bank', and a roulette table representing the 'gambler’s bank'.

Traditional Flag

The tradition flag in the center of the model is a reminder of the 150 years old history of the SPD. The core values, freedom, equality, and fraternity have never lost their magnetic power on people. Helping one another, they are flocking in great numbers towards the flag. Two women are augmenting the flag text with 'sisterhood'.


Franz Müntefering’s remark comparing financial sharks with locusts stripping companies and then throwing them away, remains unforgotten. Here, the giant locust is being fettered by many people – just like in Gulliver’s Travels.


Without peace, we have nothing. In our future society, conflicts are not being solved with military, but with political means within democratic structures. Arms are unnecessary. In our model, a tank is being dismantled. After greenery is planted onto it, it’s being integrated into the landscape.

Pirates of the Caribbean

At the edge of the model there’s a stranded pirate’s ship. It failed in the attempt to illegally bring money into a tax haven. The fight against tax fraud is an important task. It establishes social justice, supplies the society with necessary revenues, and contributes to the relief of everyone.

The Rift

A widening rift illustrates the increasing rift in our society, and the drifting apart of the poor and the rich. Looking closely at the rocks, one can find some of the causes. Many people are bridging the gap. They are straining ropes to build a bridge and are closing the gaping scissors.


Many people, the rich as well as the poor are climbing up the staircase inside the book together. Advancement with education for all and long-term shared learning leads to equal chances for everyone.

Slow Movement

Our times are lined with rush and stress. We need slower movement: More time for the family, for hobbies, for education, for care, and for volunteer activities. In our model it is symbolized by the clock.


A gay couple has a church wedding. We respect all forms of human relationships. Around the wedding scene there’s a circle of people from different ethnic backgrounds. Utopia is not possible on a national level only, but internationally. A musical group gathered around "Stork Heinar" is approaching the scene. It symbolizes the fight against right-wing extremism and intolerance.