"Gemeinsam erfolgreich für Deutschland"

As the citizen’s party in the center, CDU symbolizes the big picture, the German European party for a Germany rooted in Europe, guided by the government program’s motto: "Collaborative success for Germany.", the different aspects of daily life. The base of the diorama is the outline of Germany surrounded by Europe. At the same time, apparent opposites are being unified: The ocean and agriculture are economic factors, as well as recreation areas. In the CDU mindset, town and countryside are no opposites, both have an important function. We advocate a homeland worth living in, and good future perspectives in all of Germany. Many hidden objects-scenes show different life-drafts and needs of people. The CDU offers a home for all of them. There’s much to discover: The debt-clock is on zero, a Federal Army’s soldier is visiting his Grandma, and with the App you can make the election campaign poster talk.

Solid Finances

Frugal budget politics are the foundation of stable economic proportions and sustainable growth. Therefore, we anchored the debt brake into the basic law. At the same time we compiled latitude for important future investments in education, research, and infrastructure. This enables us to repay old debts and set the debt clock back to "zero".

Strengthening Europe's strong Position in the World

Europe has overcome the crisis; the Euro is a strong and stable currency. In Europe there are solid financial politics, flourishing trade, more investments in education and research. A dual education in schools and businesses provides a good professional future for young people all over Europe.

Investing in the Future of our Country

Investing into education, research, and infrastructure yields returns: The street is being coated with a special pavement with induction loops, which charges electric cars automatically. The electric bus is equipped with innovative storage technology, whose development was supported with the promotion of research.

Livable Homeland

Thanks to good schools and day care, upscale medical care, a widespread voluntary engagement, and a thriving agriculture, rural regions offer a liveable home in which the rich cultural heritage of our country is being preserved. Due to a comprehensive provision with fast internet connections, rural regions have become attractive economic locations.

Ensuring Wealth and Growth

The foundation of our wealth rests upon smart heads, ideas, and technological progress, from which products and services emerge, which can be sold worldwide. The staff of the laboratory, the trade business, and the internet-agency can concentrate on their work, because their offspring is well-cared for in the enterprises' own day care.

Employment for All and Minimum Wage according to Scale

Full-time employment is prevalent due to the diligence and new ideas of well-skilled employees, which make enterprises successful on an international level. Yet, the government is not interfering with the wage determination. Instead, social partners are obliged to determine agreed minimum wages in a joint effort.

Better Support for Families

Strong families offer love, comfort, and mutual help. In a multi-generation house the young and the elderly find time for each other, the feeling of kinship, home, and being needed. A young family is happy about affordable rents in the city, and is moving into a new apartment.

Making Germany fit for a digital Future

Germany is the number 1 country for digital growth in Europe. Schools are equipped with the most recent technology, and facilitate barrier-free learning. In "digital class-rooms" kids are naturally working with electronic books, and are thus getting familiar with innovative electronic possibilities. In a founder’s center next door new enterprises receive start-up counsel.

Safe Germany

All people in Germany are living in freedom and safety – at home, in the streets, in buses and trains, in the daytime and at night. The subway is equipped with video-surveillance. A policeman with migration background performs traffic education with kids, a female police officer informs about new possibilities to prevent theft.