1933 - 1942

The year 1933 is characterized by the National Socialist’s seizure of power, the resulting termination of the Weimar Republic, and the beginning of the so-called Third Reich.

National Socialism and World War II

The Castle

By now, the castle is a paradigm for the National Socialistic construction style, but the architecture in other buildings reflects the brute style of the National Socialists, as well.

Legion Condor

An air force brigade of the Legion Condor is being welcomed in the castle courtyard. They’ve supported General Franco, and therefore, contributed significantly to the victory of the putschists over the democrats.

The Hitler Youth

The supremacy of the National Socialistic regime and the military is omnipresent, and even children are firmly integrated into the system. In the municipal park, Hitler Youths are performing a paramilitary exercise.

In town, some of them are betraying a Jewish man to the regime.


The persecution of Jews spreads further; in front of the school building Jewish citizens are being registered in order to be deported to concentration camps, subsequently.

Only few people bring up the courage to hide Jewish families from persecution.

In the year 1938, the synagogue is being destroyed in the so-called Night of the Broken Glass (Kristallnacht) ...

... properties and possessions of Jewish families are being plundered.

Destruction of Infrastructure

Military troops setting out across the bridge receive no more cheers; more and more refugees return from the frontline regions. Any important infrastructure is being safeguarded against advancing enemy troops – the military is mining this bridge.

Meanwhile, boats of the organization KdF (abbrev. “Strength through Joy”), are cruising on the river for recreation – passengers are trying to ignore the terrors around them.

Forced Labor

By now, the factory is being operated entirely with forced laborers from the concentration camps. Many of them die due to terrible imprisonment and work conditions. Regular workers are at the frontlines. Time and again, more prisoners are being brought to the factory for forced labor.

Next to the factory, on the grounds of the former workers’ settlement, there’s a secret poison gas production plant.

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