The Green Party

"Let's go to Green Land"

This diorama is divided into a rural and an urban area while showcasing the core themes of Green politics on one square meter. In the 'New Green Social Contract', their programme for the federal election in 2009, they give answers to the crises of our time – and keep looking forward! Climate, employment, justice and education belong together in their opinion. These are the challenges they

wish to face. The Green diorama shows a vision of a world where things are different from today – more equal, freer, (climate-) friendlier. However, what the Green Party designed here is not a Utopia! In their future, for instance, there are still people in need, to whom solutions are offered to free themselves from their situation.

Solar Cell Factory

Sustainable and future-proof technologies and production facilities have finally caught on in a big way in Germany, leading the way on a global scale and maintaining jobs –
a green motor creating employment ("Green New Deal").

Train and Bus Station, Electric Charging Station

An intelligent combination of all means of transportation can be seen here. Customer needs are respected and it is affordable for everyone. Mobility is possible in a climate- and environmentally friendly way and often without the use of an automobile!

Modernization of old Buildings

The energy-efficient modernisation of old buildings as part of a forward-looking energy policy. This attracts business for skilled crafts and trades as well as for mid-sized companies and is good for the climate ("Green New Deal"). It is one of the components for creating 1 million new jobs – which, of course, include a statutory minimum wage.

Construction Sign at a Solar Cell Factory and Wind Turbines

The energy turn-around is complete: Moving away from climate-damaging coal power stations towards a decentralized, sustainable energy provision. Germany is world leader in the avoidance of CO2 – of course without the use of nuclear energy!

Organic Farm, Consumer Advice Centre

The industrialised agriculture is a thing of the past. Agriculture now creates healthy products, animal welfare and plants free of genetic engineering, organically produced in the region – all this while strengthening consumer rights and consumer protection.

A House for multiple Generations

The generations learn from each other, accept and respect one another. The old are not cast out, instead others build on their experience. The young are not patronised but taken seriously. And the contribution of the disabled finds acceptance.

Taking down Cameras, Graffiti Painting with Schäuble

The surveillance craze and the governmental distrust of its own citizens are over. The government is no longer perceived as a threat. The protection of privacy is part of the constitution, against opposition from the economy.

Day School

No child left behind: Schools train alert, inquisitive, enthusiastic, creative children and youths whose development into individual personalities is assisted in the best possible manner. There is a sufficient number of teachers to realise this.

Many Families with Children, Men with Babies

Green family support and the acceptance of families in society due to all-day care institutions, a basic child allowance or the opportunity to take an uncomplicated parental leave create a birth rate increase.

Homosexual Couples, Foreign Citizens

Society in Green Land is pluralistic, colourful and tolerant. People with different ways of life and different backgrounds enjoy equal rights and accept one another.

A Woman as Manager in the Solar Factory

Women have arrived at the management floors and take half of the top executive positions in economy and society. Furthermore, they finally receive equal pay for equal work.

Renaturated River

A successful environmental protection – offering a clean world that’s worth living in, that doesn’t cause illness, protecting and supporting floral and faunal biodiversity. In order to experience a lasting nature tomorrow and the day after.