"We have the Strength"

– this is the central message of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union). Together we have the strength to lead Germany out of the crisis. Solidarity and optimism can accomplish great things for Germany. The people in this miniature project symbolise this solidarity – dressed in black, red, yellow and white they represent the German national colours and a white “WE” signature. As a major party of the middle, the CDU appeals to all parts of the German population – in towns as well as in rural areas. This is and always will remain our aspiration: To be a major party for all of Germany. For this, the CDU emphasises ten points, which apply to the different parts of society. In the miniature project, these main points are seen at various locations on people’s banners.


The idea is to invest in Germany’s strengths. Investments in innovation and education are required.
If Germany wishes to maintain prosperity, then the inventiveness and innovativeness of our country will remain important factors in the decades to come.

Debt Limit

The CDU wishes to reduce national debt and holds onto the goal of a balanced budget. For this purpose, and against political opposition, they have implemented a balanced-budget amendment in the constitution. This is a necessity for intergenerational equity and is dictated by common sense.

Easing the Burden on Citizens

The crisis will be solved mainly by those people who move the country forward with their diligence, hard work and dedication. The Christian Democratic Union wishes to motivate them. That’s why it is important to reduce the burden on citizens and provide performance incentives. Effort must be worthwhile for everyone.

Employment for Everybody

Employment for everyone: The CDU still stands for the goal: "Employment for everyone". In order to achieve this we must start a qualification and education campaign, now more than ever. Realising equal opportunities and wages for women is an important part of a society based on solidarity. The CDU stands for a balanced approach regarding women in executive positions.

Overcoming the Crisis

The CDU wishes to implement the principles of the social market economy on an international level. All countries shall secure the natural resources for future generations and coexist peacefully.

Republic of Education

The country shall become a Republic of Education. Education must not be dependent on the income of one’s parents. This will also support families. It is also an important contribution to making Germany more family-friendly.

Angela Merkel

With Angela Merkel, Germany has a woman as head of the government for the first time. The German Chancellor has achieved many things for the people in Germany in her first term. With this diorama, the CDU expressly underlines that Germany continues to be in good hands with Angela Merkel.

Strengthening Families

Families are at the core of our society. The CDU increases its endeavour to improve the availability of childcare for children under the age of three. Also, a financial support will be implemented for parents who take care of their pre-school children at home.

Country of Immigration

The CDU sees integration as a task for society as a whole. Germany is a country of integration. Encouragement as well as requirements are at the centre of this idea. A sound grasp of the German language and a good education are absolutely essential. Everyone who accepts Germany as his home and accepts its societal values will have a chance and is welcome in Germany.

Climate Protection

It is essential to tap new energy resources. This energy strategy emphasises energy security, environmental compatibility, affordable and competitive energy prices as well as preserving independence. The CDU will further increase its efforts regarding research and development.

Life in Safety

The security of the country must be maintained against inner and outer threats. People must have the opportunity to move freely without fear and concern.

teAM Deutschland

In teAM Deutschland, everyone can help Angela Merkel to remain Chancellor so Germany may prosper. Everyone who wishes to contribute can participate. In early September 2009, there were already over 25.000 registered members – and there are more every day.