"Oasis of Freedom"

The liberal world shows an urban market scene in freedom. In a not too distant future, new horizons are open to the people. Effort is rewarded here: People enjoy their hard-earned prosperity and life in a civil society, free of bureaucratic restraints. Even the street names reflect liberal goals and successes, for instance 'More-Net-Income Boulevard' and 'Big Liberty'. Active citizens have turned the bleak political landscape of old into an oasis of freedom with self-reliance and personal initiative. This free civil society is carried mainly by a relieved middle class, which creates the basis for an economically flourishing community due to the successes of liberal policies. The 'oasis of freedom' presents itself as an open-minded society with room for plurality: Numerous mid-sized businesses, such as a florist, a brewery, an Internet café or a fitness studio, show that self-reliance is worth the effort. Barrier-free urban planning, the coexistence of cultures and same-sex marriage prove that everyone is integrated. The citizens here know: Life is best with an open mind and individual freedom.

"Big Liberty" Square

The "Big Liberty" is a window to the middle class, an open market with diverse products for diverse interests, international flair and thriving business. There is enough room for supply and demand, for congress and commerce.

Monument to the Light Bulb

On 1 September 2009, the senseless banning of the incandescent lamp came into effect. The monument will hopefully shine a light against a society of restrictions, governmental dirigisme, but also serve as a symbol for the spirit of Enlightenment and as a tribute to inventiveness.

Corner House

A citizens' office is located in the corner house: Income tax is spent here – it serves as support for workers in minor employment. Next to it is the ‘Freedom Wave’, a radio station where citizens may create their own free radio programme.

City Train Station "Big Liberty"

A modern railcar stops at a city train station without any barriers: It symbolises an upswing in the economy. The FDP stands for a modern, integrative concept of local transportation. The parked freight car shows: The liberal concept is a success.

Culture Festival

People of all ages, from all parts of society and from different nations are celebrating together. The Festival of Cultures stands for real tolerance, for openness and intercultural exchange – a liberal world of successful integration.

University Ralf Dahrendorf

In the glass building, the liberal idea of free modern research becomes visible. The auditorium directly observes scientists at work. This atmosphere of openness creates an understanding and a trust in science and awakens interest.

Kindergarten and School

The status of a kindergarten as a registered association symbolises that the Liberals also support private sponsorship and not only a state-driven education. In this place every child receives individual attention and optimal support.

Painted Wall of a House with Schiller

The wall of a house shows a pop-art style depiction of the great poet and thinker Friedrich von Schiller, born on 10 November 1759. The Liberals remind of this icon of freedom with a quote from ‘Don Carlos’.

Lively Rooftops and Walls

Citizens may enjoy freedom in their living environment – without juridical obstacles and barriers, as there are only very few bureaucratic regulations.

Empty Job Centre

The Agency for Employment is closed. It makes way for a health centre. People looking for work will find it without trouble thanks to liberal economic policy.


Workers are draining a swamp of regulations, left over by the politics of the past. A sign warns of the return of pre-democratic mentalities.

Clearing the Forest of Signs

Construction workers heave street signs into a hearse: a symbol for the FDP’s aspiration to reduce bureaucracy and superfluous regulations.