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Disneys HERCULES - The Musical

For the first time on stage

Disneys Hercules

The world premiere in Hamburg - Disney's HERCULES!

Hercules, the son of Zeus and hero of Greek mythology, conquers the stage in a heroic musical! Inspired by the popular Disney film from 1997, audiences can expect a heavenly comic adventure in the spring of 2024, which will celebrate its world premiere for the first time in Hamburg at the Stage Theater Neue Flora.

Dive into the fascinating world of Greek mythology

Disney's HERCULES tells the journey of a demigod who sets out to find himself and his destiny. Kidnapped as a baby, Hercules grows up among humans and finds out that his father is the mighty Zeus and his home is Olympus. In order to return, he must prove himself as a hero. With the help of his loyal friends, he realizes that true greatness does not depend on physical strength alone, but on the strength of the heart.

This show will thrill even the gods

The spectacular new presentation includes all the popular songs known from the animated film. Included are the Oscar-nominated song "Ich werd's noch beweisen (Go the Distance), "Ich will keinen Mann" (I Won't Say (I'm in Love)) and "In Sekunden auf Hundert" (Zero to Hero). In addition, some new songs were composed for the production. Also waiting for you is not only a top-notch musical performance, but also exciting choreography, a stage set with video design, larger-than-life characters and breathtaking costumes.

From Olympus to the Underworld

Let yourself be thrilled by this brand new musical production and celebrate with us on 24.03.2024 world premiere in Hamburg! We guarantee you a show full of entertainment and emotions in the fantastic world of Disney's HERCULES.

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Stresemannstra├če 159
22769 Hambur

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