The Lion King - the musical

This masterpiece will enchant you with rhythms and costumes from another world. It has been named the most successful musical of all times: ever since December 2001 the Lion King has been playing in Hamburg Harbor. A fusion of African Rhythm and Elton John's pop music will take you into the Serengeti's world of wildlife. But it is not only the music- the fantastic robing and breathtakingly beautiful masks add to the enchantment. Director Julie Taymor created this unusual masterpiece for the stage on the basis of Disney's movie “Lion King”. Simba's story is an emotional and adventurous tale. All taking place before the grand African backdrop it tells us about the young lion's fight for his rightful place upon his father's throne.

General information

Theater im Hafen Hamburg
Norderelbstraße 6
20457 Hamburg

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Your ticket includes a boat shuttle between Landungsbrücken and the theater at the harbour side.
From 2 hours before the show starts and 1.5 hours after the show finished the boats will deliver you to the other side.