Mount Vesuvius

Clouds of smoke darken the sky and distant thunder roars throughout the corridors of the Wunderland. It is happening, once again Mount Vesuvius is erupting. Though we must admit, it has been a long and obstacle ridden journey to get this far...

Upon planning Italy it quickly became clear that we wanted to integrate the erupting volcano into the exhibition - back then we didn't know the road to success would be strewn with hardened lava. Initially a promising test run with kinetic sand as a lava imitation raised our hopes, but didn't survive the long run. Although it looked beautiful, the polymer qualities of the concoction started to stick to the surface and the wear and tear became too high to tolerate. It broke our heart to let go of the idea and to come up with something new.

Luckily we quickly found a mechanical solution. Silicon based conveyor belts are now transporting lava in endless loops and after several periods of testing we finally found the perfect illumination to create the impression of real glowing lava, streaming downhill. Ever since our visitors wait patiently at the foot of the volcano for night to fall and the model building masterpiece to come to life and erupt.

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