The Open Air Theater

The open air theater in Central Germany - a must see for any culturally interested highbrow Wunderlandian!

Rolling trains go without saying in the model railway business and at the Miniatur Wunderland there are also driving, breaking and flashing cars, as well as ships crossing the waters and flying airplanes to enthuse laypersons and experts alike. But the figurines have also learned to walk and the department for fine mechanics at the Wunderland regularly developes magical and new ideas.

Confined to the smallest amount of space a confusingly complex wheelwork, made of leverages, winches and small engines, creates the most harmonious movement of tiny men and women on the surface.

The open air-theater is a must see for any educated Wunderlandian. After the initial round of applause one can hear the tuning of the instruments in the orchestra pit. Shortly after the scenery is washed with light and the curtains part. A light footed Romeo appears on stage, dancing and turning and with his lovely voice beckoning his beloved Juliet to come out of her chamber. Without hesitation she enters the balcony - but heavens - her dreamy lover has forgotten to bring along a ladder. Now all he can do is gaze longingly up to her and eventually leave into the lonely night. Long after he has left the stage the applause of all the fans of the opera lingers on until the curtains close and the deeply touched audience make their way home.

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