St. Michael's Church

Hamburg’s most beautiful and best known landmark St. Michael's Church is one of the most important baroque churches in northern Germany.

The "Michel", as St. Michael`s is known as in Hamburg, is possibly the most famous building in Hamburg and is also known as its emblem.

It’s moving history started in the 16th century and culminated in a disaster, when the tower was completely destroyed by a fire in 1906. It is because of the devotion of the Hamburg citizenship that it was rebuilt in 1912 and could be reopened. The elaborate Wunderland architectural model has been built from scratch with the blessing of the church board.

We had blueprints and many detailed photoraphs to orient ourselves in the design.Hundreds of little plastic parts were cut by hand and sanded to fit perfectly. It took 2,800 hours to construct this magnificent building.

Just as on the original, the trumpeter at the Wunderland is honoring a century old tradition. Several times a day he climbs up to the top to play the choral “Gott zum lobe, den Menschen zur Freude” ("To praise God, to the joy of the people").

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