One of the biggest buildings in the Wunderland is a remodel of the football stadium in Hamburg.

When you enter the Hamburg theme world, you are walking directly towards the Volksparkstadion. This building (originally called “AOL Arena”) is a very special building and most certainly one of the great Wunderland landmarks. 

The construction of the HSV football stadium took more than 1.200 working hours to build and cost more than 20.000 Euros. Converting the stadium to Imtech Arena in 2010 and to Volksparkstadion in 2015 took another 25 days of work. There are 1.200 figures standing, sitting and cheering in the bleachers which have all been glued in by hand. Roughly 2.000 LEDs make for a great illumination.

The arena was built in 1:150 scale, since a true to scale model would have been 2.20 by 3.00 meters big.

Today’s inscription was inaugurated with a firework in 1:87 scale in 2010, an anticipation of events later truly unfolding.

The legendary match between Hamburg’s two soccer clubs, the HSV and FC St. Pauli, takes place at our Imtech Arena, actually every day. Up to now this match has been fought 759,075 times. The HSV is in the lead with 3,036,300 to 2,277,225 goals (status February 2015)

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