The Köhlbrand Bridge

The Köhlbrand Bridge was opened in 1974 and is one of the best known landmarks in Hamburg.

With its 3.940 meters this bridge ist he second longest bridge in Germany. Just as in the real Hamburg, this bridge is also a landmark at the Wunderland and building it was a challenge due to the elaborate construction. The sky scraping pylons stretch across a large part of the Wunderland harbor and the train tracks running underneath.

The bridge was built after the original blue prints and building it took 270 working hours. It is 6.66 meters long and the pylons are 1.40 meter high. Roundabout 30 cyclists are driving across the bridge as part of the HEW- Cyclassics. Environmental activists have taken the chance of this big event and are holding up placards to enlighten the crowd about the fate of elephants in Africa.

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