Biogas Plant

In reality, the biogas plant at the Wunderland would have a performance of 500 kilowatt and could supply 1.000 households with energy.

And this is how the biogas plant works: biogas is produced in a very natural way. Sewage sludge, compost, food leftovers and manure or specifically grown energy plants like corn are placed in a special mixing container. The mixture that comes out is pumped into a fermenter, this is a big container which is gas proof and can be heated up to 37° Celcius, and after that the contents will be mixed. The biogas that is now being generated has to be cooled down, dehydrated and desulfurized. After that it can be burned in a block heat and power plant and the energy that is created by this can be transferred directly into the power supply system. The heat that is created by burning the gas can heat houses, swimming pools and dry the digestates. After refinement, the gas can also be transferred directly into the natural gas grid. The dried out substrate comes out of the fermenter through a plunged overflow pipe. It is stored until further use in farming. Farmers like to use the substrate as fertilizer because it is eco friendly, high quality, organic fertilizer, which hardly smells at all.

Thanks to the support of the Company EnviTec Biogas we were able to build a true to original model of the plant.