The Hammetschwand Lift

The Hammetschwand Lift is the highest exterior elevator of Europe with a height of 152.8 meters. Our miniature version measures 1.6 meters and was constructed entirely of brass.

The Hammetschwand Lift is the highest exterior elevator of Europe with a height of 152.8 m. It lifts up to 12 passengers at a time directly up the Hammetschwand summit.

The miniature version in Wunderland isn't inferior in any aspect to the original: The 1.6 m high elevator was built from brass, on the basis of the construction plans from the company Schindler. In order to ensure the stability of the 2x2 cm profile truss, metal columns were set into the rock face every 10 to 15 cm. The technique needed for the elevator is located inside the mountain. The Wunderland Hammetschwand elevator can transport up to eight Wunderland tourists at a time to the observation deck.

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