The Knuffingen Fire Department

Fire-fighting operations every 15 minutes keep the Knuffingen fire department on the run.

The heart of Knuffingen's fire department, located in the city centre, is the fire station with its nine vehicle bays. Fire engines constantly move in and out as an arsonist is setting the houses on fire every 15 minutes. Whether in Castle Löwenstein, in residential buildings or out on the street - in Knuffingen, fire breaks out at various locations.

Fortunately, Knuffingen's firefighters were able to extinguish every fire so far, due to their excellent training as well as their technical equipment: In Knuffingen, 31 fire engines and 3 vehicles of the "Technisches Hilfswerk (THW)" are in use. That is one fire engine per 300 inhabitants! The fleet consists of various types of vehicles such as ambulances, quenching cars, semitrailer trucks, command and swap body vehicles.

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