Castle on Fire

The Castle Löwenstein above the city of  Knuffingen is a favorite destination of arsonists.

Knuffingen Schloss Feuerweh
On a plateau above Knuffingen is the Castle Löwenstein with a wide-spread park. Small, but frequent fires get reported, but they get extinguished fast by the Knuffinger fire brigade.

Towering high above the town of Knuffingen is Löwenstein Castle. The building from the neo renaissance period is mere fiction; some of its parts come from the Vollmer building kit “Baden-Baden” and set the foundation. The gardens in front of the castle come from a different era, constructed using gardens from the baroque era as template. No doubt: Löwenstein Castle is one of the most beautiful buildings within the Wunderland.

All the more worrying is the castles fire calamity. Arsonists have set their eye on the magnificent building. Several times an hour the castle bursts into flames. It is due to the excellent work of the Knuffingen fire fighters, that the castle has not been ruined effectively. So far each Knuffingen fire brigade has managed to climb castle hill on time. Even the historic fire brigade from the seventies arrived in good time.

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