The Schauertal Bridge

The Schauertal bridge is an impressive complex steel bridge which nonetheless seems delicate. And it spans over the visitors' heads!

The idea to cross the visitors’ entrance with a bridge was born, because we wanted to offer you the experience to stroll about underneath trains speeding past. The requirement of a stable construction and a necessary span width of 3 meters led us to the decision to build the bridge from metal. Our role model was the Kanalhochbrücke Grünental over the North Sea and Baltic canal. All in all 60 meters of brass section were disassembled into 250 parts, which again were soldered to a filigree lattice construction using a kilogram of soldering material. The bridge heads on either side have to carry 15 kilogram each.

The visitors’ entrance has since moved to different location, but you can still stroll underneath the bridge when visiting our layout.

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