Storebelt bridge

Skandinavien Storebæltbrücke Zug
The largest construction in Scandinavia is the suspension bridge with its motorway and railway tracks. It connects Wunderland's Denmark and Norway sections and crosses the part where North and Baltic Sea meet.

The largest construction anywhere in the Miniatur Wunderland is inspired by the Storebælt Bridge. Here, trains and cars cross the strait between the Denmark and the Norway section. The bridge really is a suspension bridge of eight meters length, requiring us to install an extra wide workbench for its constuction.

The continuous beam is made of wood and built in modular design. Inside, cables for illumination, the train control system and components of the Carsystem were installed. In order to prevent torsion, four people were needed to move the flexible eight meter long beam on the workbench. For stability reasons, we decided to use wood for the pylons, which were screw-connected to the underframe. Eight employees had to raise the beam over the water basin and thread it into the pylons. There are 100 suspension cables steadying the bridge on two main cables above the water.

It took us two weeks to process 80 meters of fishing line for the cabling. The total time of construction for this gigantic structure amounted to six weeks.

In comparison:Construction time
Original10 years
Model6 weeks
In comparison:Lengh
Original18 km
Model8 m
In comparison:Main building material
Originalsteel, concrete
Modelwood, fishing line
Skandinavien Stoerebeltbruecke