If you have seen the Hamburg Airport Fuhlsbüttel from the air before, you will immediately recognize Knuffingen Airport.

The miniature airport is an exact replica of it, of the boarding bridges, the terminal building as well as the rearward development with car parks. And those car parks are rather elaborate: The construction effort for Parking Deck P4 (3.000 working hours) was enormous and for it alone we installed and wired 11,000 LEDs.

One could have possibly built the ensemble of airport buildings in half the time and with far lower costs. But we didn’t just want to build an airport - we wanted to build  Hamburg Airport on which many of Wunderland visitors get their first impression of this beautiful city. Once they are then standing in front of the Wunderland airport it is highly possible that they recognize: “Oh, I stood at just that pole over there and chucked my snack wrapper into this garbage bin!” Our model builders have not only chosen the airport buildings of Fuhlsbüttel Airport as a role model, but also every little detail: handrails, signs, lanterns and much, much more. Therefore many pictures of Knuffingen Airport are hard to distinguish from those of the original airport.

But even here one can let the imagination run wild: For instance when a precisely cloned car park barrier starts beating down vigorously on a just as precisely cloned car. And there are many more scenes at the airport, which have been brought to life with lots of humor and a unique love for detail before the terrific backdrop of the model airport.