Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada and famous for its large number of casinos. This aspect was important for our decision to rebuild a model of Las Vegas rather than reconstructing New York or Hollywood in our USA section.

In order to have all the special effect lighting we used 30,000 LEDs building Las Vegas. This city alone needs a computer all to itself only to operate the lights. The buildings were all built as closely to their respective original as possible and you can admire the “Luxor”, the”MGM Grand”, “Treasue Island” with its pirate show and the sinking ship, as well as “New York” surrounded by its spectacular rollercoaster and many more.

Looking closely at the “Casino Royal” standing to the front, it becomes clear why five electricians had to solder for more than a year in order to install the lighting. It took six weeks to solder the LEDs for this small building alone and you could knit a pair of socks with all the fine copper wire that was used.

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