Elbphilharmonie & HafenCity

A miniature mammoth project: The Elbphilharmonie as an architectural highlight within the architecturally sophisticated Hafencity.

It was the year 2007 when the construction of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg began. It was clear that sooner or later we would be having a model of this striking concert house and other parts of the Hafencity as part of our exhibition. But it wasn’t until November 14th 2012 until we officially broke the ground and started with the construction of this miniature mammoth project.

22 model builders worked almost fulltime on the six sqm area which was integrated into the Hamburg theme world. With the help of the original blueprints of the Elbphilharmonie and other buildings from the Hafencity, our model builders managed to create exact replica models.

The following video shows the entire process of construction, faces the challenges and looks onto the most striking milestones.

Facts & Figures about Miniature-Elbphilharmonie

  • Scale: est. 1:130
  • Hight: 82 cm
  • Lengh: 83 - 96 cm
  • LEDs: 2,500 pieces
  • Construction Costs: 200,000 Euro

Facts & Figures about Miniature-HafenCity

By comparison: Construction time
Miniature Elbphilharmonie maximum 364 days
Original Elbphilharmonie roundabout 10 years
By comparison: Costs
Miniature Elbphilharmonie maximum 200,000 €
Original Elbphilharmonie minimum 700,000.000 €
By comparison: Height
Miniature Elbphilharmonie 820 mm
Original Elbphilharmonie 110,000 mm
By comparison: Housing prices
Miniature Elbphilharmonie 154,000 € per m²
Original Elbphilharmonie ca. 21,000 € per m²