Push Button Actions

Interactive Model Building - Fun for the whole Family!

If you ask our guests what they especially liked about the Wunderland you very often hear the reply “these push-button actions”. There are many places inside Miniatur Wunderland where visitors can control the action inside the exhibition themselves. For this we have installed 216 push buttons around the layout which bring the scenery to life. These can be details like the “killer-barrier” at the car park, which unselectively wallops passing cars, or the production of chocolate at the chocolate factory, or the start of a space shuttle. Even the Elbphilharmonie opens on the push of a button and allows insight into an ongoing concert of the animated philharmonic orchestra.

But the visible part on site is most often only the “tip of the iceberg”. Even the smallest animated scenes require sophisticated mechanicals which are placed beneath the site and are just as interesting as the scenery, at least for all of those interested in technology. Therefore we will present and explain a selection of these details here for you.