Disney's FROZEN

Disney's FROZEN is the story of two sisters who couldn't be more different and yet are inextricably linked. Together with snowman Olaf, Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, Anna and Elsa embark on a mysterious musical adventure full of magic. With heart and humor, the modern fairy tale tells of sibling love, loyalty and the courage to go your own way and to accept yourself: a story with exciting contrasts that captivates young and old.

The modern story, the award-winning songs and the sophisticated staging make Disney's FROZEN an unforgettable live experience that inspires musical fans and musical newcomers alike.

The fun-loving Princess Anna falls head over heels in love with Prince Hans. But Elsa speaks out against the quick engagement of the two and there is a big argument between the sisters.

When Princess Elsa realizes she cannot control her icy magic, she banishes herself from her homeland. But the attempt to protect her fellow human beings from her magic power fails.

Elsa brings an eternal winter to her kingdom and ends up in great danger herself. Only through the courage and loyalty of her sister Anna, who set out to bring her sister back despite all the dangers, did Elsa finally overcome her fear of her powers and learn to accept herself as she is. An adventurous journey, at the end of which Anna discovers what true love means.

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Rohrweg 13
20457 Hamburg

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