Towards the end of the 19th century, a new storage area for Hamburg's port was built on the Brookinsel, south of the custom's channel.

The large (up to seven stories high) warehouses, with their fronts to the street and the loading canal, form an impressive closeness. The warehouses served in the past and still serve as storage areas for premium imports such as tobacco, coffee, cocoa, tea, rum, nuts, spices etc., and for preserves, optical and electronic equipment, raw silk and oriental carpets.

The Wunderland's Speicherstadt has been developed by „Kitbashing“. This means that different facades and roofs were used from several construction kits. Those parts were cut, coloured and put together so that new buildings emerged. Even the smallest bays and ledges have been rebuilt.

In order to be as close to the original as possible, one row of houses is located directly at the Fleet (the Hamburg expression for "canal"), the other one on the opposite site of the road with bumpy cobblestone.

A special attraction is the “model railway in the model railway” – the 4th floor of one storehouse is home of the smallest train in the world (scale 1:900) which constantly laps when the action button has been pushed by visitors.

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