St. Michel

St. Michaelis church is probably the most famous building of the Hanseatic city and is also known as one of Hamburg's landmarks.

Its long history began in the 16th century and had its sad peak in 1906, when a serious fire completely destroyed the tower. Due to the resoluteness of the Hamburg City Council, the tower was rebuilt and re-inaugurated in 1912.

The Wunderland's reproduction of the church, authorized by St. Michael's leadership, is a complete replica. Original construction plans and a large number of detailed pictures were used to help rebuilding the church. Hundreds of little plastic parts were cut by hand and have been carefully attached until, after 1,000 hours, this magnificent building was completed.

We are keeping with a centuries-old tradition just like the real St. Michaelis Church - our Wunderland-trumpeter climbes up the Michel several times a day and plays the choral “Gott zum Lobe, den Menschen zur Freude“.

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