Close together, the small, colorful houses pile up on the hillside like the Brazilian creepers to which they also owe their name: The favelas of Rio de Janeiro also find their place in the Miniatur Wunderland model.

Our model builders used the Santa Marta settlement in the south of the city as a model for the favela model. The facades of the densely built-up houses made of wood and stone were partly painted in large-scale art to embellish them. Round, blue water basins on the roofs show, as do the crisscrossing power lines, that the supply here is often ensured on one's own.

One also looks in vain for a public garbage collection here. Rather, at nightfall, flickering fires or burning barrels can be seen in many places, with which the accumulated garbage is disposed of.
Despite the poor conditions, life on the streets and rooftops reflects the joy of life of the people. While on the soccer field the hunt for the round leather is opened, on the rooftops it is more leisurely: Here the little wonderlanders enjoy an extensive bath in the sun or get together for a cool drink.