Probably the most famous beach in the world also embodies in Miniatur Wunderland Brazil's attitude to life in a very special way. Almost 300 figures enjoy cooling off in the blue water along the Rio de Janeiro beach section.

At the foot of Corcovado, on whose summit the famous statue of Christ is enthroned, Copacabana is adjacent in Miniatur Wunderland. It is not without reason that the name is associated with the four-kilometer-long sandy beach rather than the district of the same name. On the Wunderland promenade, pure life reigns; it is the home of all Wunderland sun worshippers.

Hardly anyone seems to be looking for a shady spot under the colorful umbrellas or the palm trees. Besides the bathers, there are countless lovely details to discover on the beach, from shrill carnival costumes to samba groups or well-trained bodybuilders. More than 300 little wonderlands cavort in the water, while city traffic whizzes by on the adjacent multi-lane road.

High-rise buildings and tightly packed hotels adorn the front row behind the beach. Probably the most famous accommodation for the stay is the Copacabana Palace. Opened in 1923, this luxury hotel is now almost a national monument. Directly in the immediate vicinity is once a little fun from the model building. In the bar of the "Copabanana" a group of monkeys have settled down for cool drinks and bananas.

Visitors get to the Copacabana in very different ways. An electric streetcar without overhead wires runs in a second row through the streets and for the spontaneous wonderlanders there are some e-scooters along the sidewalks ready to go on.

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