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Middle Germany

Middle Germany is one of the oldest landscapes in Miniatur Wunderland. It was built together with Austria and Knuffingen during the first construction phase from 12/2000 - 08/2001 and has become an important milestone in the renaissance of model building.

Middle Germany is marked by green hills, quaint villages and stunning railroad routes. The inhabitants of Middle Germany don’t rave without good reason about their home – there’s simply something for everybody! You can discover Wunderlandians watching Romeo and Juliet dancing on stage of the open-air theater just below the Arminus statue, or Wunderland’s youth copying Shakespear’s love story in a field of sunflowers.

Middle Germany is also home to an ICE high-speed route and more than 130 trains.

The many details and stories which can be found within this layout, as well as the sea of lights at the fun fair, and the push-button actions, were groundbreaking for model building back then.

Facts & Figures about Middle Germany

Layout Map

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