The Knuffingen Fire Department

Luftansicht der Knuffinger Hauptfeuerwache

The heart of Knuffingen's fire department is the Fire Station with its nine gates located in the centre of the city. Fire engines are constantly coming and going as an arsonist is setting houses on fire every 15 minutes.

You can finde fires at different places in Knuffingen, e.g. in the castle Löwenstein, the apartment building or in the open street. Luckily Knuffingen's firemen were able to fight every fire successfully so far. This is not only due to the excellent education of the firemen, but also to the excellent equipment at the firemen's disposal.

In Knuffingen, 23 fire engines and 3 THW-vehicles are in use. That means that there is one fire engine per 300 inhabitants. The fleet consists of all kinds of vehicles such as ambulances and fire-fighting vehicles.

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Photos of Knuffingen

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