The Carsystem

Wie von Geisterhand gesteuert fahren die LKW durch Knuffingen

The car system in Knuffingen is the oldest and largest car system in the Wunderland. It extends onto the whole layout part of Knuffingen.

The heart of the layout is a fiddle yard which can accommodate up to 250 vehicles and is located behind a mountain at the left end of the highway. At the right end of the highway there is a small "fiddle yard", which transfers vehicles onto the opposite lane of the highway after having passed a waiting line.

The staging yard serves also as home for 10 vehicles that support Knuffingen's fire department in case of bigger operations. The city of Knuffingen has emerged on the areas' middle and is the heart of the visible part. There is a bus station with 6 rows of busses, a taxi stand with a capacity for up to 6 cars, the main fire station with 9 gates as well as the police department (buildings which are integrated in the carsystem are mentioned only).

The city can be reached over two highway exits: the left one through an underpass beneath the station's rails and the right one on a high bridge over the rails. At the end of the "tongue" (visibile in the picture below) there is one part with mostly country roads.

The total road length is 330 metres and includes 200 electric turnoffs. The car system is planned to accomodate up to 312 vehicles (with an equal number of parking spaces). This part has an automatic charging station with 32 computerized charging places.

The layout has two large junctions which are equipped with two life-like traffic lights. Both traffic lights are programmed for the progressive signal system. The setup for the traffic lights required more than 30 hours because a separate turn off phase has been programmed.

Considering the thousands of working hours which have been invested into the car system, the development of the traffic lights has been comparatively fast. In Knuffingen the traffic is dominated by fire engines. One of the most secure jobs in Wunderland is to work for the Knuffingen's fire department. Every 15 minutes the fire engines have to fight one of 5 big fires, and additionally, every 15 minutes one of 6 smaller fires.

After completing the airport, Knuffingen's fire department is also responsible for the airport's fire prevention and the technical support in case of emergency landings at the airport "Knuffingen International".

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Photos of Knuffingen

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Car System

The Car System is one of the greatest technological innovations developed at the Miniatur Wunderland.

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