Train Repair Shop

Making trains run smoooothly

The engine workshop is responsible for the model trains in Wunderland to run smoothly. Should the control center find faults or defects in a train it will directly be sent to the engine workshop, trouble ticket included. This is where the sometimes long and tedious search for the problem begins.

Normally the repair of an engine takes one to two hours, but is has happened before that we spent three days on fixing a Big Boy. Especially steam engines with their complicated driving mechanics are a lot more challenging to fix. Still, the other engines with their different drive systems and engine builds often put our workshop employees’ knowledge and experience to the test. We have models of almost all model railway manufacturers running in our exhibition, among them Roco/Fleischmann, Märklin/Trix, Bemo, Hobby Trade, HAG, Atlas, Athearn, Kato, Liliput, Pico, Tillich, Gützold, Rivarossi and many more.

The engine workshop is situated on the fourth floor behind the control center. A window allows a glimpse into the delicate work inside the newly furnished work shop.