The Open-Air-Concert

Blick auf das Konzert

Another highlight is the Open-air-concert, with more than 20,000 glued down figures. There are many typical scenes and impressions of a festival visible, such as the camp ground nearby, the VIP-area, the GOA-Chillout-zone, the beer and food stands or the waiting line in front ot the Dixie-Toilets, .... Moreover, you'll find many funny details such as the stand of the vitamine dealer or the mishap of a beer supplier.

The largest crowd is of course in front of the stage, where DJ Bobo gives a concert within his Vampire-Tour. Besides the superstructures of the stage, the dancers and the band members are moving.

There is a special ambience on the whole festival area at night, when lights are on in the tents, several campfires burn and the people in front of the stage get out their glowsticks. The construction of this area had lasted more than three months in total!